Dark Forest

Create and manage big scenes, add glowing texts and camera animations to the beat of a soundtrack. End up with an appealing 3D animated trailer.


What is Dark Forest?

Dark Forest is a series of tutorials that covers the whole process of creation of a promotional video in which a camera flies through a forest and shows some glowing titles with the beat of a soundtrack. The tutorials go from the inception of the project, its preproduction and organization, through the whole modelling, sculpting, texturing and animation stage up to the render (with Cycles), lighting and compositing! The series is made of 11 Chapters containing 49 videos: Almost 13 hours of tutorials!!

Required Skills

This series assumes you have at least a basic knowledge of Blender Interface and tools. Advanced knowledge is not required at all and everything is explained step by step. As a rule of thumb, if you can follow the free tutorials from blendtuts, you shouldn't have problems following Dark Forest tutorials.

You can save it into a DVD

Even though Dark Forest is only a downloadable product, it's been crafted to fit into a DVD, so you can burn the full course, print the cover designs and put it in your shelf!

"I’ve got Dark Forest while it was available for Preorder, and I don’t regret my purchase! It’s better than promised, and I loved to see the organization and clean procedure that a professional like Oliver follows while he works. Furthermore, he doesn’t only show you what to do, but he also explains why he does it that way, which is really helpful to understand the process."

Abidán Brito

"Dark Forest is a really in-depth course, covering from the most basic to the most complex with lots of advice in the middle!"

Thomas White

"Simply amazing! I've learned tons of stuff with Dark Forest. I feel I can handle bigger projects now."

Alena Lange

"I have been following Oliver’s tutorials on blendtuts.com since 2010, and this is his best work to the date without a doubt! He’s really pushed the limits with Dark Forest and came up with a very professional, deep, huge, and easy to follow course. I’ve always loved Oliver’s teaching style, but Dark Forest is definitely my favorite one."

Jason Allen

Get access now!

All contents are downloadable. Enjoy and learn how to create an amazing animated trailer with Blender now!

Course Contents

I've put all my knowledge together to create a high quality product from which you can learn a lot. While the tutorials show how to create a forest, everything is thought in a way that you can extract the workflow and the essence of the whole series to overcome any other type of project and know what steps you should follow. Also, it includes the Production Files so you can mess around with the .blend files and start at any point of the process just by loading the desired file.



I'm so confiden't you'll like it and learn so much from it, that I'll refund all your money if you don't, no questions asked! Take it and check it out, and if you're not happy within 30 days, just CLICK HERE to send me an email with your order's info. You have nothing to lose!

Get access now!

All contents are downloadable. Enjoy and learn how to create an amazing animated trailer with Blender now!

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